Working at Shared Assets, we come across many inspiring land-based social and community enterprises. This site presents some of the most successful and ambitious examples of community land management in the UK. Keep browsing to learn from their work.

In previous research, Shared Assets learnt that many community groups or social enterprises that manage land value peer to peer learning, spending time and money visiting similar projects to learn from others’ achievements and mistakes. We are also aware, from our consultancy work, that many landowners are unsure about how community land management can be executed well. Working in a field with such breadth, we also know it is hard for policymakers to know how to best support the sector. We have captured the strengths of 12 community land projects from across the UK to make it easier for practitioners, landowners and policymakers to get a sense of what land based social enterprise can do, and how to get it done.

Please browse using our featured key issues, project tags at the foot of the page, by organisation or through our policy section. 

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