Tree Station

Tree Station are taking the surplus wood generated throughout Greater Manchester and making it work. Reducing carbon emissions and producing everything from the wood for John Lewis chopping boards to woodfuel,

Patrick Morello talks us through their negotiations with council commissioning, the importance of local, ethical partnerships and the benefits of accreditation.

Saffron Acres

Saffron Acres is the site of 68 new social eco-homes and a community food growing project delivering jam and preserves across the country.

Through their story, we learn the importance of business partnerships, the benefits Saffron Acres offers the City Council, and some innovative ways to create successful enterprises in deprived areas.

River Stewardship Company

Maintaing the river for riparian landowners whilst training volunteers and apprentices with practical land management skills is how the River Stewardship Company realise their vision of more engaged communities and a healthier river.

Helen Batt talks us through their focus on income generation and enterprise, how they scaled the project and their exciting business improvement district work in which 250 business are involved.

Jericho Wharf Trust

For over ten years, the community of Jericho have been fighting to protect and develop a canalside public square.

Through their story, we learn how resistance campaigns can use the planning system and work with developers and local authorities to achieve their aims.

Friends of the Flyover

Three friends in Liverpool are developing their campaign to transform a heaving flyover that is facing demolition into a green centrepiece of the city.

Through their story we learn about how to communicate uncompromising vision and build unlikely partnerships to see through a remarkable idea for your community.